We’re Europe’s leading Managed Learning Services provider.

Keeping abreast of every new development, from new training methodologies to digital tools and techniques, and theories for better learning comes as second nature to us. Our goal is to improve and innovate an organisation's learning and development offering, delivery and value of the team itself. With unrivalled experienced and unparalleled knowledge, we achieve unbelievable results.

An established player

We’ve been improving performance through learning for over 40 years. With that experience comes expertise. Today, we’re the recognised experts in total learning solutions; from strategic consultancy through to training design and delivery. 

So besides our extensive advisory capability, we’re also uniquely placed to source the very best the market has to offer, delivering the quality solutions you need to develop your talent. Our close understanding of your objectives, expectations and challenges means you’ll be connected with the best suppliers for your individual needs. As a long-established player, we’ve developed deep relationships with over 7,000 learning suppliers, and our technological and analytical capabilities bring strength to each of your strategies, demonstrating the value of every investment.

The new world of work

We’ve been around long enough to know that businesses need to innovate to compete. With digital transformation disrupting organisations across the board, learning and development doesn’t look like it used to. Yet the importance of being able to prove the effectiveness of the interventions being put into place is more crucial than ever before.

As experienced consultants and technical experts, one of our greatest assets is our ability to harness valuable data to define solid, insight-driven solutions with measurable outcomes. Sometimes that can involve bringing completely new suggestions to the table, through fresh ideas and a broader perspective to help you approach your problem in a different way. Or it can be using innovation to help enhance or transform your capabilities for greater productivity.

When you partner with us, you get a complete review of new and potential digital opportunities. And we provide ongoing analytics on your learning, helping you make better-informed decisions and gain a clear view on skills shortages moving forward. Our people-centric, technology-enabled and expertly-informed learning solutions improve your learners’ experience, close your skills gaps and boost your organisation’s performance, turning you into a business of the future.


Over the years, we’ve built our record and reputation on delivering outstanding outcomes for our clients. 


We work across the public and private sector with a portfolio of clients.


We’ve built an impressive track record on helping our clients achieve remarkable outcomes for their people and their business. 

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We’re part of the Capita People Solutions network.

As part of Capita People Solutions, we belong to a pool of specialists who can help with all of your needs across the employment lifecycle. With the breadth of expertise found amongst our colleagues, we’re uniquely placed to offer a holistic approach to everything we do.  So, while we’re experts in learning and development, we also have the capacity to team up with experts in pensions and benefits, resourcing and HR solutions. This means we can provide a full package of best-in-class services that achieve better outcomes for your business.

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Delivering the best talent for your business

As one of the UK’s leading recruitment providers, our resourcing team source the best talent to optimise your business’s performance. 


Pensions and benefits

Improving employee outcomes through unbeatable pensions and benefits

Drive up your engagement and productivity through leading benefits packages and flexible pension options.


Our values

Our values are at the heart of our business and span across the entire Capita People Solutions network. They shape everything we do and every interaction we have with you. 

We are honest, transparent and respectful. That means we listen before we talk. Welcome people’s differences. Speak up when we need to. And always thank others for their contributions. 

We think about what’s possible. We challenge ourselves and others for new ideas and solutions. And we keep learning from our mistakes, to make sure we keep improving.

We know we achieve more when we work together. We’re not afraid to ask for or offer support. Because we solve problems when we share feedback, offer direction and trust others.

We care about doing the best job we can. We work reliably and compliantly. Identify better ways of working, with people in mind. And we communicate clearly from start to finish. 

Our responsibility

As part of Capita People Solutions, our impact stretches far beyond our business. We’re making a difference in the communities and environments we serve. Our approach to Corporate Social Responsibility focuses on four key areas:

  • Delivering sustainable value for clients

  • Our people and culture

  • Community investment

  • Responsible business practices 

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We’re the people experts. So, whatever your HR challenge, you can tap into our expertise across the entire employee lifecycle. Contact us today to see how we can help you transform your organisation.