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Please find our Apprenticeship complaints policy here

Apprenticeships Subcontracting Fee Policy

Subcontracting Provision
Knowledgepool holds funding contracts with  Levy paying clients, Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) in England and the Skills Development Scotland (SDS) in Scotland. In line with our overall strategy of only operating in areas of relative expertise our overarching policy is to deliver as much of Knowledgepool’s and our clients’ training needs in-house. However, we recognise that there may be occasions, where in order to satisfy client demand, provision of apprenticeship training and/or on-programme assessment may be subcontracted to sector specialists.

Subcontracting Fees 
Knowledgepool will communicate and discuss its subcontracting fee policy at the start of all new subcontracting arrangements with potential and current subcontractors. Knowledgepool will charge between 7.5 and 20% of LEVY/ESFA/SDS funding claimed. The actual percentage negotiated will be dependent upon the nature of the subcontracted provision and the amount of support needed by the subcontractor. Subcontractor fees may be subject to renegotiation at the time of contract renewal.
In return for the fees charged Knowledgepool provides the following services and support: 

  • A dedicated Relationship Management link person that is available to provide support and guidance;  
  • A dedicated Quality management link person that is available to provide support and guidance;  
  • Help with quality activities to include the completion of a provision review that feeds into the wider Knowledgepool Self Assessment Report (SAR) and identifies areas of effective practice and areas of improvement; 
  • Training for the observation of Teaching, Learning and Assessment to enable partners staff to undertake graded observations following Knowledgepool policies and procedures (if required); 
  • Access to our range of electronic tools to monitor learners progress, attendance and progression, including licenses and associated fees; 
  • Access to our planning and monitoring software to enable partners to effective plan and monitor the provision that they deliver including the tracking of performance against profiles and funding earned to date; 
  • Administrative support to ensure all paperwork is compliant and learner data is safely stored and uploaded onto ESFA/SDS systems; 
  • Administrative support for processing additional funding applications, follow ups and payments; such as the AGE Grant. 
  • Business Development and joint bidding opportunities to link with regional or national employers.

Knowledgepool will not charge an administration or other fees on top of this. 

Subcontractor Payment 
Knowledgepool will make the payments to the subcontractor calculated and payable in accordance with the Schedule of the Contract. Payments will be based on actual delivery and paid in arrears, in line with the terms in their contract. Payment will be payable within 30 days of the date of the relevant invoice. 

If there are errors in audit of a sample of the evidence provided by the subcontractor to support the claims for funding, Knowledgepool reserves the right to recover from the subcontractor an amount based on the error rate identified, the risk it creates for Knowledgepool in its relationship with the LEVY/ESFA/SDS and the total value of this Agreement. If the value of the error triggers an extrapolation by the LEVY/ESFA/SDS audit team, Knowledgepool reserve the right to recover this higher value. Such amounts may be recovered either by making deductions from future payments due to the subcontractor under this Agreement, or via invoice. 

Policy Review 
This policy will be reviewed annually .