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Our well-established supplier relationships provide you access to key opportunities within Learning & Development. Being masters in our field we’re always on the lookout for talented suppliers who can support our diverse clients. While our scale provides leverage for negotiations, it’s our supplier relationships that give us the knowledge to help our clients manage the entire learning journey, from the most cost effective and efficient development plans, to that strategic, relevant and innovative learning experience.

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Our Supplier Management Team manage and maintain strong relationships with our extensive network of suppliers and partners. Our suppliers are integral to our overall objective of improving organisational performance and learner experience, skills and capabilities. Through learning about innovative products and working together, we make a strong contribution to the success of our business and to the ambitions of our clients.

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Suppliers who partner with us can earn our “Preferred” status, get access to our teams and have the opportunity to participate in client seminars to increase awareness and product knowledge.

We’re always looking to extend our supplier network to add further value to our clients. So, why not register and get in touch with our supplier management team and learn about our partnership programmes, current learning opportunities and agreements.

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Change and disruption are not buzzwords – they define the workplace today. Keep up to date with industry insights and events to help your organisation stay market-relevant.

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