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Managed Learning Services

We don’t just take care of the day-to-day running of your learning function. We provide support and advice along every step of the way to achieve much more than traditional Managed Learning Service (MLS) providers. Partner with us to benefit from our market position, global resources and end-to-end expert consultancy.


In order to maximise your L&D investment, our managed services are grounded in a flexible, people-focused model designed to enhance your own team’s effectiveness by complementing them with the support they need most.

This could be a full outsource of your learning function - including supply chain management and administration - or simply targeted design and deployment support for a specific learning programme.

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Unlike traditional BPO (Business Process Outsourcing), the Knowledgepool Managed Service offering pairs all the operational fundamentals of a traditional outsourcing model with the unique insight of deep expertise in the learning space. 

Fully outsource part – or all – of your learning and development function: 

  • Benefit from a large-scale strategic learning partner

  • Ongoing analytics

  • Continual improvement model

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If you need specific ad-hoc programmes, we can remove the worry and haste to find a supplier through our single-programme solution. Access all the benefits of our Managed Learning Service solution but for a single or specific learning initiative.

Designing, deploying and managing single learning programmes:

  • All the benefits of full MLS offering

  • Deploy to suit you

  • Scalable extension of your learning function when you need it most



We work with you to identify requirements and navigate the vendor market on your behalf, sourcing the best possible supplier fit at optimum cost. We help you define clear KPIs, demonstrate the value of L&D to the wider business, and continually suggest ways to further improve your learning function.

  • Diagnostic / learning needs analysis

  • Procurement / supply chain management

  • Training administration (enrolment and delivery)

  • Reporting & BI for continual improvement

  • Option to complement with any of our Learning Consultancy modules

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Our supplier management team can take responsibility of sourcing vendors. We've saved clients up to 45% on spend by reducing their supplier base and enhancing learning programmes.

As Europe’s largest supplier of Managed Learning Services we buy over £100million worth of training services from over 7,000 suppliers every year. Our strong cost savings are passed straight onto you.

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When it comes to learning, employee experience is everything. This is why we put your employees at the heart of it.

Our seamless digital process is underpinned by user experience and accessibility. Learners lead their own development through smart design and tailored journeys. We do this by listening to and understanding your workforce; how and what they want to learn, and the support they need.

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Our programmes have proven time and again to result in real behavioural change and improved business performance. Our Impact Assessment tool allows us to measure the effectiveness of our training against industry set benchmarks.

With a carefully crafted list of preferred suppliers, no matter how niche your requirements, we can find the right solution for you. 


Over the years, we’ve built our record and reputation on delivering outstanding outcomes for our clients. 


We get asked a lot about best practice learning methods. Here’s a handy list that answers some of these burning questions. If you’re still curious, get in touch.

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How do you find the best suppliers for the job?

Our Supplier Management team:

  • Provide recommendations on your optimum supplier base

  • Demonstrate how much more you could save on third party supplier costs

  • Minimise the risks associated with changing suppliers

Many organisations find themselves purchasing training from an ever-increasing number of suppliers. Too many suppliers can often lead to problems, including:

  • Spend is spread across many suppliers. This limits your ability to obtain the best discounts

  • An inability to manage so many supplier relationships properly. You may not notice service levels and quality slip, until a major problem occurs. The administration of relationships distracts procurement and HR from higher value tasks

  • Training lacks consistency

Knowledgepool’s Supplier Management team can audit your training spend and recommend ways to reduce the size of your supplier list and lower the cost of your learning, whilst still maintaining quality.

We buy over £100m worth of training services from over 7,000 suppliers every year. Our Supplier Management team are constantly negotiating with training suppliers across all subject areas to get the best quality for the best price.

Choosing new suppliers can be a time-consuming and risky process. Our supplier management function reduces both the time and the risk, because we’ll only recommend suppliers that have passed our quality checks and have a proven track record with us.

Can you deliver bespoke training programmes?

Knowledgepool is equally successful in developing effective instructor-led, e-Learning and blended learning programmes. We are unmatched in our combination of development experience, flexibility and capability.

Examples of elements we have experience of developing and delivering include:

  • Instructor-led events such as onsite training, off-site events, scheduled courses, residential courses and appraisals

  • Train-the-trainer programmes

  • e-Learning

  • Video-based training and microlearning

  • Paper-based training assets including training manuals, workplace assignments and distance learning materials

  • User support documentation including course manuals, quick reference guides, frequently asked questions, written for hard copy or on-screen use

  • Awareness programmes such as launch events, internal mailings, videos, newsletters.

How do you measure the success of learning?

Our Management Intelligence (MI) capability gives you the full picture: from standard reports to bespoke management dashboards. We deliver high-value information which informs decision-making, provides quality measures and allows the control and management of cost.

We offer:

  • Reporting tools to cover the standard reporting requirements

  • Bespoke reporting service, which includes interactive graphical charts and MI dashboards to meet specific organisational reporting needs.

Benefits to you:

  • A holistic view of all L&D activity

  • Accurate, complete and up-to-the-minute tracking

  • Evidence based decision-making, rather than an over-reliance on subjective anecdotal feedback

  • Constant monitoring against business KPIs

  • Control of your L&D function.


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