The Reducing Parental Conflict programme has been designed to upskill practitioners in supporting parents to reduce conflict within their relationship, whether they are together or separated.

Simplified Access to Reducing Parental Conflict e-Learning

As an organisation, Knowledgepool  understands the importance of supporting those most in need as we overcome the current challenges.

This includes continuing to provide access to key programmes that support people during these most trying of times. The Reducing Parental Conflict (RPC) Programme is an example of one of these key programmes and we are taking steps to make all eLearning modules are available to Local Authorities and their partners.


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What is the Memorandum of Understanding/ Addendum to Practitioner Training Grant MOU’?

This is the agreement between DWP and local authority to provide grant funding.

Have there been any changes to the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)?

The MOU has been updated by the Addendum to Practitioner Training Grant MOU or Grant Addendum for short updates the language on Intellectual Property Rights, VAT rules and Ineligible expenditure and provides the revised funding period as part of the MOU between the local authority and DWP.

When do we have to sign the Grant Addendum by?

The signed Addendum to Practitioner Training Grant MOU must be signed and sent to DWP by the 31 March 2020.

Do we have to spend the grant money?

Local authorities are not committing to spending the money, the extension to the grant period provides increased flexibility to retain and spend the grant until 31 March 2021. This extended period supports local authorities better plan their training demand against existing priorities.

How long have we got to spend the DWP grant?

The current DWP grant and Memorandum of Understanding will expire on the 31 March 2020.  For all local authorities that sign the Grant Addendum grant funding is extended for a further 12 months and can be spent up to 31 March 2021.

What if we do not spend all our grant money?

Any unspent grant money must be returned to DWP.  At the end of relevant grant period DWP will make contact to reconcile unspent monies and agree repayment.

Who do I contact if I have a question on the Grant Addendum or Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)?

What is the Call off Contract/ Call off Agreement?/ Variation Agreement?

This is the agreement that is signed by both Knowledgepool and the local authorities that allows us to provide services under the RPC programme.

Have there been any changes to the local authority and Knowledgepool Call off Agreement?

Yes, there have been minor amendments which are included within the Variation Agreement.  Local authorities will receive an email direct from Knowledgepool that explains these changes and the next steps.

Who do I contact if I have a question on our Variation Agreement with Knowledgepool?

When can we book training?

You can book training, for delivery after 1 April 2020 as soon as you have signed the Variation Agreement with Knowledgepool.

We have training booked in between now and 31 March 2020 but would like to rebook to another time, can we do this?

Yes, training can be rebooked/ cancelled in line with current contractual rules (i.e. where the change is made with 28 days or more notice there are no financial penalties).

Does signing the Variation Agreement/ Call off Agreement with Knowledgepool mean we have to book training?

Local authorities are not committing to book training by signing the agreement.  Signing the agreement as soon as possible gives you the flexibility to plan, book and hold training until the 31 March 2021. 

Has the delivery approach changed?

The delivery and funding approach has not changed.  The extension allows a further 12 months of grant funding for local authorities, to purchase Reducing Parental Conflict Practitioner Training from Knowledgepool, up to March 31 2021. DWP has written to all local authorities to explain these changes and the next steps.

How long will it take to get a reply to my email from DWP?

Any emails sent to DWP will be acknowledged within 24 hours and we aim to respond to your email within 5 working days. 

How long will it take to get a reply to my email from Knowledgepool once I have returned my signed and scanned Variation Agreement?

Any emails sent to Knowledgepool will be acknowledged with an initial response within 24 hours. Knowledgepool will review all responses and will confirm that the Variation Agreement is compliant within 5 working days.  Once confirmation has been received you can start booking training.


The programme consists of four modules, which can be delivered by either eLearning or as classroom based activities. Depending on requirements, these modules can be combined or delivered individually.

There is also a two-day 'Train the Trainer' workshop, designed to familiarise and upskill Local Authority and partner nominated trainers to deliver the Reducing Parental Conflict (RPC), classroom-based modules. 

It is advisable that anyone attending 'Train the Trainer' attends all modules as classroom training, or as a minimum has completed learning modules 1- 4.

Understanding Parental Conflict and its Impact on Child Outcomes: How can I use the evidence base to support parent relationships?

Providing practitioners with the knowledge to underpin practice, this introductory workshop explores the evidence base and the impact of parental conflict on outcomes for children.

Recognising and Supporting Parents in Parental Conflict: Applying knowledge, skills and techniques

Focusing on the causes of parental conflict, this workshop equips practitioners with the skills to work with parents to identify and explore relationship conflict.

Working with Parents in Conflict: How do I support, refer and intervene?

This skills-based workshop introduces a series of evidence-based tools that can be used to work with parents, encouraging behaviour change and promoting positive communication.

Reducing Parental Conflict: The Role of Supervisors and Managers: How can I support my practitioner(s)?

Aimed at supervisors and managers, this workshop focuses on the importance of recognising parental conflict, with an aim to develop the skills to coach and support frontline practitioners.

Find out more

For more information on the programme, please contact the Lead for the Reducing Parental Conflict programme in your local area.

Alternatively, please email us and we will be in touch. 

Frequently asked questions

We have put together answers for some of the frequently asked questions about the Reducing Parental Conflict programme. If there’s anything else you need to know, please get in touch.

What events are available under RPC?

There are 4 half-day, classroom-based modules, a two-day trainer the trainer (TTT) event (delivery modality can be face to face and via a virtual classroom (VC)) as well as eLearning within the RPC programme. A login to the eLearning (Modules 1-4) is provided to all learners doing classroom training, but can also be bought separately, as a standalone resource. It can therefore be completed standalone or used as a support tool for the classroom-based events

  • Module 1 - Parental conflict and its impact on child outcomes: Interpreting and using the evidence base
  • Module 2 - Identifying and discussing parental conflict with parents, including the role of values, beliefs and influences
  • Module 3 - Having challenging conversations on parental conflict: Support, refer or intervene
  • Module 4 - Reducing parental conflict: The role of supervisors and managers
  • Train the trainer (this will enable the LAs own training team to deliver the modules going forward)
  • ELearning (standalone or as a support to the classroom-based modules)

Remember: If a delegate is booked onto any classroom-based event they will receive an eLearning licence as part of the cost (a max of 20 can be issued per event)

What are the cancellation terms?

If an event is cancelled with 28 days or less notice, then a cancellation charge will apply. For the full breakdown of cancellation charges please refer to the Call Off Agreement or to the T&Cs tab within the Multiple Date Booking Form.

What is the COA and Variation Agreement?

COA stands for Call off Agreement (sometimes known as COC, Call Off Contract).  This is the agreement that is signed by both Knowledgepool and the Local Authorities that allows us to provide services under the RPC programme.

The Variation Agreement allows for the contract extension for a further 12 months.

Which sections of the COA need completing?

The document is a standard agreement document used by DWP and for the purposes of RPC you only need to complete a few sections, the rest are marked ‘Not Used’.  The relevant sections are: 

Title page: input official LA name

Part 1, Section A: enter the official legal name of the LA (customer)

Section B, 1.1: is the commencement date (date contract is signed), 1.2 the end date must be 31st March 2020

Section 6.4: input the address and email for invoicing information

Section 7.1: input the estimated call off year 1 contract charges, i.e. the total sum that DWP has awarded the LA for their RPC training

Section 10.9: input the address and email details for the main contact for the programme within the LA

At the end of Part 1 (page 8): sign and date the agreement where it states, on behalf of the customer. The signature is an e-signature

Schedule 15: this is the scoping information submitted showing your initial intentions for classroom and learning modules. Note: none of this will be binding and you will be free to build the programme, in terms of the modules and courses they book however you like, within the budget awarded to them by DWP

Schedule 16: input the Data Protection Officer name and email details. In the table below you also need to insert the same date as when the agreement was signed

What information is needed on the booking form?

To book classroom-based events (both face to face and virtual), the multiple event booking form must be used, and we cannot accept them any other way. The form asks for the following information:

  • Start Date – entered in the format of DD/MM/YYYY
  • Course Title (each module is a half day, separate modules must be listed on separate rows) - select course title from the drop down list in the spreadsheet
  • Duration (number of hours or days) Select from the drop down list in the spreadsheet
  • Modality - select either face to face or virtual from the drop down list in the spreadsheet
  • Start Time – select from the drop down list in the spreadsheet
  • End Time – select from the drop down list in the spreadsheet
  • Venue Address
  • Venue Contact Name
  • Venue Contact Email Address
  • Venue Contact Telephone Number
  • Material Address (if this is going to be different to the venue address)
  • Purchase Order (PO) or Cost Centre Number

It is important that all the information is included on the form, especially the PO/Cost Centre number. Please add one event per line on the form. The train the trainer (TTT) must be booked over two consecutive days - there is no need to add separate lines for the second day, please ensure that the duration is shown as 2 days.

Knowledgepool cannot add any events to CourseBooker (our internal booking software) until we have a valid PO number. Where you have scheduled two modules to run the same day (AM and PM start times) you will only be charged the 1-day delivery rate.

With regard to the training materials, if you think there will be difficulties getting materials delivered to the training venue, please provide an alternative address. For example, you can request these products are sent directly to you.

You can access the booking form here. 

Once a booking form is received, what happens next?

The booking form is checked to ensure all information has been included. If not, we will return the form to you. If the booking form does include all required information we add the events to Course Booker.

A unique event reference number is added to the booking form, the booking form is then emailed back to the main booking contact. An event on Course Booker will have a status of ‘At Risk’ until a trainer has been allocated, once a trainer has been identified the status is changed to ‘Will Run’.

Automated confirmations are then emailed to the main booking contact at the LA and to the trainer. LAs can then advertise their event internally and generate a delegate list which needs to be emailed to Knowledgepool.

What information is needed on the delegate list?

Each event can have a maximum of 20 delegates. The delegate list template is made up of four sections. The first section is mandatory and asks for:

  • First Name
  • Surname
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Delegate Organisation

The second section asks for the delegates’ line managers information, name/contact/email. If this is missing it is fine, but it will have implications for the level 3 evaluation after the event.

The third section requires the following booker's information and is mandatory:

  • First Name
  • Surname
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Booker Organisation

The fourth section identifies which event the delegates are booked on Knowledgepool will complete this section of the form.

Please only send the final list of delegates on the correct template. Ensure that you add 'Delegate List for Upload' to the subject header of the email; in the body of the email please include the event reference, the module title and the date of the event. Email address is

Once the delegate list is added to CourseBooker, each delegate will get a confirmation email saying they have been booked on a course and then 35 days prior to the event date, joining instructions are emailed. If a delegate is unable to attend an event the e-mail address of the person at the LA who has booked them on to the event will have been provided on the correspondence.  

The booker of the event is responsible for advising Knowledgepool about any delegate changes and is required to provide a reason for this cancellation or transfer – this is recorded on CourseBooker. If not provided, no cancellation reason will be recorded.

Am I able to provisionally book dates via email?

Due to the volume of bookings, it is not possible for KP to confirm trainer availability upfront.

Can I use our internal training booking system rather than set up your learning portal?

The learning portal is currently used for booking standalone eLearning licences only. Classroom-based events must be booked using the multiple date booking form. However, module outlines and objectives can be found on the portal if required. 

LAs can use their own booking systems to advertise and monitor who attends events but they will still need to follow the Knowledgepool booking process to confirm events and delegate attendance.

We already have an eLearning platform. Can we add your modules to this?

The RPC eLearning is held on an external system with one of Knowledgepool sister companies (Brightwave) and cannot be hosted on any other platform.

Once a licence is allocated, the user receives a link to access to all 4 modules. Each module takes on average 45 minutes to complete. A licence is valid for six months from the date of issue.

Our original scoping information is out of date. Do we have to comply with that or can we change what we now want to do?

The original scoping information was an indication of what the LA thought they would do and was set at the beginning of the contract. Now that more information is known, the LAs are redefining their needs and sending in booking forms for events. 

The requirement identified during the scoping stage is not definitive and you can have any mix of classroom events and eLearning licences available within the funds granted to your LA by DWP.

Can I book dates when required rather than the full 6 months?

Yes, but we recommend planning as far in advance as possible. This will enable us to schedule trainers and manage demand, it will also allow you to see everything that is available and give you a chance to organise your time effectively.

If I book an event with a confirmed PO, am I able to change the modules I want delivered nearer the time?

Yes, as long at least 14 days’ notice is provided to ensure that the trainer has time to prepare and Knowledgepool can send out the right materials for the modules being delivered.

I don’t have venue confirmed, can you book using the LA address to be updated later?

We can but it is vital that the venue information is sent over to avoid delays and to minimise risks.

Confirmations are sent out to trainers, the main booking person and to delegates once the event is added to CourseBooker, with joining instructions sent to delegates 35 days prior to the event date. It is at this point that the venue information must be correct.

Is it possible to send course materials to an alternative contact?

It is possible to send course material to an alternative address and this information can be added to the booking form.

A name and address is required and it will be that person’s responsibility to ensure that the materials are taken to the venue on the day ready for the trainer to use.

Is it possible to split the eLearning modules out?

It is not possible to split the eLearning into separate modules, the licence is for all four.

I booked for 20 people and 3 have pulled out. I have another 3 people to take their places, can you send me another 3 licences for the eLearning?

The contract allows for a maximum of 20 delegates per classroom-based event, if a delegate is attending module 1, the eLearning is sent out the day after the event, if they are attending modules 2, 3, 4 or TTT, the licence is sent out 10 days prior to the event date.

Access to the eLearning is via individual email addresses, only 1 licence can be issued against an email address. If 20 licences have already been issued for an event, no further licences can be sent out.

If 3 delegates drop out and are replaced, you will have to purchase a licence for each of the replacement delegates.

Is it possible for you to send the material in advance so I can decide who should attend which module?

It is not possible for us to send out materials for the modules in advance. Module outlines and objectives are provided on the learning portal and in the Learner Journey document. This should help you to determine who should have access to which modules.

What are the pre-module requirements?

There are 4 modules under the RPC programme; these modules can be completed in any order by delegates. There is also an eLearning option which can be used alongside/instead of classroom-based sessions.

Knowledgepool recommends that delegates:

  • Complete module 1 eLearning if they haven’t attended module 1 classroom-based before attending module 2
  • Complete module 1 & 2 eLearning if they haven’t attended these modules classroom-based before attending module 3
  • Complete modules 1 – 3 eLearning if they are attending just module 4 classroom-based
  • Complete all modules, ideally classroom-based, before attending train the trainer

My manager is away for a few days and I cannot get a PO authorised, can I provisionally book my events in the meantime?

Knowledgepool cannot book events unless there is a valid PO or cost centre. Due to the volume of bookings received, Knowledgepool will only confirm bookings and allocate trainers for events that are booked using the official booking form and following the agreed booking process.

How do I book the standalone eLearning?

There are two ways to book standalone eLearning, the booking process is dependent on the number of licenses you want to purchase.

To book less than 50 standalone eLearning licences, you must complete and return a delegate list template (this is the same form used for classroom-based events) the information required is delegate first name, surname, email (section one of the form) and a PO (fourth section of the form) and if possible the line manager’s email (second section) which will form part of the evaluation process.

When the form is emailed to Knowledgepool, in the body of the email please  state that you are booking standalone eLearning licences and include the number being purchased.

Please specify the date you would like the licence to start; learners will have access to the eLearning for 6 months.

The delegate list is uploaded to Knowledgepool's internal booking system and overnight an email is sent which contains instruction on how to login as well as a login and password.

To purchase 50+ licences, Knowledgepool has simplified the process, put in a provision for licence bundles and applied a discount. Licences can be purchased in bundles of 50, if you purchase 100, 150 or 200 a discount is applied. Access to the licence bundles is via self-registration by end users. Key points are:

  • The existing eLearning platform has been modified to enable self-registration; end users will still get all four modules
  • LAs email and provide LA legal entity, booker name, email and contact number, which bundle tier is to be purchased (50, 100, 150 or 200) and a valid PO number
  • LAs will be issued with a URL and specific token that end users will enter to register, this removes the requirement to provide an upfront list of delegate names and email addresses
  • End users will register by confirming LA, entering the token and then providing the requested information on the registration page
  • Bundle purchases will be capped at the number of licences requested. If an end user attempts to register once the purchased bundle cap is reached, a message to that effect will appear
  • Once registered, end users will have access to the licence for 6 months

I went on to the portal to register but our LA does not appear in the drop-down list?

Knowledgepool requires the following invoicing details and preferences in order to set the LA up on our internal systems. This information is requested in the welcome email that is sent out once we have the signed COA back.

Invoicing details of your local authority required:

  • Physical Address
  • Legal Entity
  • Contact name and email address to send invoice to
  • Phone number
  • Weekly or monthly invoices?
  • Consolidated invoices (containing all events in the period selected above) or non-consolidated invoices (i.e. one invoice per event)?

In order to give users access to the learning portal, Knowledgepool also need the email domain(s) attached to the local authority

Once we have this information the LA name will appear in the drop-down list under organisation on the learning portal.

Why can I not book classroom-based events via the learning portal?

DWP decided the RPC programme would be developed as ‘closed courses’, where LAs set their own dates, rather than as ‘open courses’, where Knowledgepool could advertise and offer dates via the portal. As a result, the dates booked by the LA are put direct on the CB.

The learning portal contains descriptions of the RPC courses and the LA staff can book their own standalone eLearning if they create an account and they provide a valid PO.

Do I need the email addresses of every delegate?

Once delegates are added to CB as a potential attendee, confirmations and joining instructions are sent out as well as an eLearning login (if being provided 10 days prior to the event).

If we do not have the individual email addresses neither of these actions can take place.

It is part of the booking process that a unique email address is provided for each delegate.

I’m booked on Module 1 next week but I haven’t received my eLearning licence. Can you send it to me?

If delegates are booked to attend a classroom-based Module 1, the eLearning login is sent out the following day. For Modules 2, 3, 4 and Train the Trainer, the login is sent 10 days in advance so that the delegates can complete those modules that are not being attended.  Knowledgepool recommend that delegates:

  • Complete module 1 eLearning if they haven’t attended module 1 classroom-based before attending module 2
  • Complete module 1 & 2 eLearning if they haven’t attended these modules classroom-based before attending module 3
  • Complete modules 1 – 3 eLearning if they are attending just module 4 classroom-based
  • Complete all modules, ideally classroom-based, before attending train the trainer

What is the service feedback process?

If an LA is unhappy about the level of service that has been provided Knowledgepool have a service feedback process, with strict service level agreements in place to respond.  The issue can be raised either by email or phone and an acknowledgement will be sent via email within 24 hours. Knowledgepool will investigate the issue, take appropriate action if needed and email the LA with details of resolution within 10 working days. Click here for the Service Feedback Process document. Please email, in the subject header please include the word Feedback.

How do I contact Knowledgepool if I have a question about the RPC programme?

Knowledgepool have a dedicated email address for all questions and actions relating to the RPC programme - Due to the large volume of emails that are received, we are asking that the following labels are used in the subject header of the email so that we can identify the content of the email quickly -

  • Delegate List for Upload;
  • Cancellation;
  • Event Booking - face to face;
  • Booking - eLearning;
  • eLearning Login Issue;
  • Address Change - Venue;
  • Address Change - Materials.

If your email does not relate to any of the above, please be as clear as possible in the subject header. There is no need to copy in other Knowledgepool employees as our internal process will ensure that the correct person responds and/or takes the appropriate action


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